Gasket Lock

Sealing blockade in guides can cause problems – our gasket blocking wedge solves this problem in a simple and effective way. Small wedge – great possibilities!

Tailored Wedge

We present our small wedge made of PVC. It works perfectly as a lock for seals, guides, as a washer. Thanks to the system of grooves, after placing the wedge in the desired place, you can easily break off the rest of it so that it is invisible from the outside.

The thickness of the wedge is only 0.7mm at the beginning and 2mm at the end. Length 20 mm, total width – 8mm.

Many Uses

The applications of the product are limited only by your imagination, they are currently mainly used as a seal block in the guides of external roller shutters.

We sell wedges in quantities of 500 or 2000 pieces.

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