Modern iSlide

Can the slide be improved, an element present in each roller shutter? It turns out that it can and brings many benefits – both at the production stage, as well as at the stage of operation and servicing.

Invisible Revolution

The innovative iSLIDE slide is a real revolution in the roller shutter industry

The iSLIDE base with the iSLIDE plug will allow even a layman to replace the damaged curtain in his roller shutter.

Thanks to the iSLIDE slide and the iSLIDE locking plug, each shutter armor will be easily replaceable and after lifting the shutter armor up, the bottom rail will be almost invisible!

The iSLIDE external roller shutter slide is an innovative, patent-protected roller shutter solution that will facilitate work not only during the production of the roller shutter, but also for every service technician.

THE ADVANTAGES of the iSLIDE three-element base are:

  • the iSLIDE base fits all side covers available on the market
  • stable operation at – 45 ° C + 85 ° C
  • very quick curtain replacement, even in a flush-mounted roller shutter
  • no need for buffers
  • rapid replacement of the sliding element
  • no need for locking swivel plugs
  • the iSLIDE locking plug allows the bottom rail to be almost completely hidden in the box with a guarantee that the shutter curtain will be lowered later
  • no need to replace the iSLIDE locking plug

Simple Application

Usually, armor replacement takes several hours of work, even for an experienced team. The need to remove old slides, plugs from the bottom rail, mounting buffers in the rail (which customers usually do not want) – a lot of work, and it is not possible to restore the condition as before the service.

What does it look like with the iSlide base?

We take off the removable slide cover, take out the armor, then after replacing the armor, put it in place and put on the slide cover. Armor replacement time – several minutes.

In addition, when replacing, you can reduce the size of the bottom rail that protrudes after the curtain has been rolled up – from 35 mm to only 15 mm!

The iSlide slide is practically invisible after the curtain has been rolled up, but in order to unify the color of the roller blind, we offer it in colors matching the majority of roller blinds used on the market: white, silver, gray, anthracite, brown, caramel.

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