Innovation Protechnica

Modern roller shutter solutions

• 2020 •

Meet Us

Protechnica is a constructor of innovative solutions in the production of external covers. Our solutions focus on innovation as well as improvement and reduction of labor costs and production time.

Universal Side clip

Special Side clip

Our side clip fits almost any type of armor. It works both in manual and machine working – and thanks to its unique properties, it improves the production of external roller shutters.

Modern iSlide

iSlide New slide

Can the slide be improved, an element present in each roller shutter? It turns out that you can and it brings many benefits – both at the production stage and at the stage of operation and service.

Seals Blockade

Block For good

Locking the seal in the guides can cause problems – our wedge for locking the seal in a simple and effective way solves this problem. Small wedge – great possibilities!